Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 16 May 2011
Ends 20 May 2011
Central European Time
Trieste - Italy
Leonardo da Vinci Building Main Lecture Hall
Climate change is a worldwide concern and climate change studies are among the priorities in Worldwide research programs. The increasing ability to understand complex, system-oriented phenomena such as climate change is strictly correlated with the need for increasing data and computing resources. e-Infrastructures represent an innovative and unique approach to address this problem. They demonstrated to be an efficient way to share and access resources of different types, which can effectively enhance the potential of scientific research and productivity. This international conference will address the role of e-infrastructures toward a better understanding of climate change from the global to the regional scales. The main goal of this event is to expose the participating scientists and stakeholders to modern e-infrastructures (which includes an HPC and Grid environments) so that the potential provided by this infrastructure for climate change research can be assessed.


Directors: Filippo Giorgi, Stefano Cozzini, Alberto Masoni, Federico Ruggieri