Starts 8 Oct 2013
Ends 11 Oct 2013
Central European Time
Adriatico Guest House (Kastler Lecture Hall)
Via Grignano, 9 34151 - Trieste (Italy)
This period rich with experimental data releases is a great motivation for a focused workshop which brings together experimental and theoretical community, both in astro-particle and dark matter indirect searches, with a main motivation to form a "clean thought" on the topics, and an updated outlook on future directions. Questions as: "where do we go from here?" will need to be addressed, covering basically the physics case and experimental ideas for the next generation in gamma - CR astroparticle studies, relevant for DM searches.


Mirko Boezio (INFN, Trieste), Marco Cirelli (CNRS, IPhT/Saclay), Joakim Edsjo (OKC, Stockholm U.), Francesco Longo (INFN and U. of Trieste), Pasquale Serpico (CNRS, LAPTh/Annecy-le-vieux), Piero Ullio (SISSA), Gabrijela Zaharijas (ICTP, chiar)