Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 23 Jun 2014
Ends 27 Jun 2014
Central European Time
LB (Main Lecture Hall)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
The goal of the workshop is to gather experts to discuss new ideas and prospects for the exploration of physics beyond the standard model. The meeting will cover different approaches to the quest for new physics, from the energy frontier to precision physics and low energy probes. For each topic there will be a limited number of presentations, from both experimentalists and theorists, with an emphasis on introducing new ideas in a manner accessible to the broader physics community. Significant time will be devoted to discussions. TOPICS LHC and future colliders Dark Matter EDMs and precision physics Axions and other weakly-coupled sectors Low energy probes and Gravitational Waves


G. Villadoro, M. Redi, P. Graham, S. Rajendran.
ICTP Local Organizer: G. Villadoro