Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 30 Jun 2014
Ends 11 Jul 2014
Central European Time
Hefei - People's Republic of China
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy, along with the School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, P.R. China, is jointly organizing the "Advanced School on PDEs in Geometry and Physics", to be held at the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, P.R. China, from 30 June to 11 July 2014.

DIRECTORS Claudio Arezzo (ICTP, Trieste) Li Jiayu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing and USTC, Hefei) Tian Gang (Princeton and Beijing)


The main focus of the school will be on various aspects of elliptic and parabolic equations on real and complex manifolds aimed primarily at graduate students and young postdoc and researchers working in Geometric Analysis and Differential Geometry. Six-hour lecture courses will be given by the following lecturers: H.-J. Hein (University of Nantes, France) Y. Rubinstein (University of Maryland, U.S.A.) J. Streets (University of California at Irvine, U.S.A.) Three-hour lecture courses will be given by Q. Zhang (University of California at Riverside, U.S.A.) Z.L. Zhang (Capital Normal University, Beijing, P.R. China) A number of advanced one-hour seminars will be given during the school by the following speakers: R. Bamler (Berkeley), P. Eyssidieux (Grenoble), T. Mabuchi (Osaka), C. Spotti (Paris), Xiaohua Zhu (Beijing).

PARTICIPATION Scientists and students from all countries which are members of the United Nations, UNESCO or IAEA may attend the School. As it will be conducted in English, participants should have an adequate working knowledge of this language. Although the main purpose of the Center is to help research workers from developing countries, a limited number of students and post-doctoral scientists from developed countries are also welcome to attend. As a rule, travel and subsistence expenses of the participants should be borne by the home institution. However, limited funds are available for some participants, to be selected by the organizers. Such financial support is available only for those who attend the entire activity. There is no registration fee. 


C. Arezzo, Jiayu Li, Tian Gang.
ICTP Local Organizer: C. Arezzo