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Starts 8 Apr 2015
Ends 15 Apr 2015
Central European Time
Santiago - Chile
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and the Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (International Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics - CIMPA) are jointly organizing the "School on Minimal Surfaces, Overdeterminated Problems and Geometric Analysis", to be held at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), Santiago, Chile from 8 to 15 April 2015.

In this research school topics related to minimal surfaces, overdetermined problems and, more generally, geometric analysis will be studied.
The main objective is to present to students and young researchers how tools from differential geometry and analysis of partial differential equations can be combined to obtain interesting, new results in both fields.

Minimal surfaces theory and geometric analysis are very active topics in Brazil. These theories are quite advanced and expect to spur developments in new areas. For example Allen-Cahn equation which models two phases transitions is a counterpart of the minimal surface equation in semilinear elliptic partial differential equations. Since the resolution of the De Gorgi conjecture by the group of non linear PDEs in Chile there have been growing interest in geometric aspects of semilinear elliptic equations. Regularity theory of a minimizer of an elliptic functional is at the origin of the subject, beginning with the work of Modica. De Giorgi’s conjecture is related to the Bernstein problem in minimal surface theory. Other topics like overdetermined problems show a deep interaction between differential geometry, variational problems and PDE. Some classification of the space of Alexandrov embedded domain has been recently establish using Weierstrass representation and minimal surfaces techniques.
Further information about the activity can be found on the CIMPA web page and on the local activity web page.

Administrative and scientific coordinators:
- Laurent Hauswirth (Université Paris-Est)
- Mariel Saez (PUC, Chile)

Scientific Committee:
Camillo De Lellis (Zurich)
Manuel Del Pino (U. Chile)
Laurent Hauswirth (Paris-Est)
Michal Kowalczyk (U. Chile)
Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford)
Frank Pacard (Polytechnique)

Organizing Committee:
Mariel Saez (PUC)
Michal Kowalczyk (U. Chile)

We expect to bring researchers and students in differential geometry from South America in view of promoting interaction with the Chilean PDE group.

The activities of the School will include four mini-courses and several research talks.

Although it is expected that participants should have working knowledge of basic aspects of differential geometry and analysis presentations will be accessible to students and, in general, to a public of non-experts in these topics.
All expositors are leading experts on their subjects, which will give an opportunity to the participants to get acquainted with the basic techniques in the area and to be exposed to the current state of art.


Applicants from Chile should contact Mariel Saez (, activity's local organizer.

Applicants from outside Chile should apply online following the instructions given on the school pages (see links above).



Mariel Saez, Hauswirth Laurent -
ICTP Local Organizer: Fernando Rodriguez Villegas