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Starts 23 Nov 2015
Ends 27 Nov 2015
Central European Time
LB (Budinich Lecture Hall)
Strada Costiera, 11 I - 34151 Trieste (Italy)
From the start of the experimental activity of the Large Hadron Collider, Multiple Partonic Interactions (MPI) are experiencing a growing popularity and are widely invoked to account for observations that cannot be explained otherwise. This includes associated hadron production (Underlying Event) in high energy hadronic collisions with jets, the rates for multiple heavy flavor production, the survival probability of large rapidity gaps in hard diffraction, etc. In particular Double Parton Interactions were observed directly and studied by a number of the FNAL and LHC experiments in different reaction channels.
At the LHC a new QCD regime has now been reached, where MPIs occur with high rates, in particular in central collisions, where the production of new particles is more likely to take place. Understanding MPIs is therefore crucial, both for their significant contribution to the background of various processes of interest for the search of new physics and because MPIs are an interesting topic of research by itself, allowing to probe high energy - high density QCD dynamics and, as a consequence of the geometrical characteristics of the interaction, to obtain unprecedented information on the correlated structure of the QCD bound states.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an updated view of MPI studies, both experimental and theoretical, and to foster contacts between theoretical and experimental communities active in the field.


  • Phenomenology of MPI processes and multiparton distributions
  • Considerations for the description of MPI in QCD
  • Measuring multiple partonic interactions
  • Experimental results on inelastic hadronic collisions: underlying event, minimum bias, forward energy flow
  • Monte Carlo development and tuning
  • Connections with low x, diffraction, heavy ion physics and cosmic rays



Proceedings are published in the DESY proceedigs series with report number DESY-PROC-2016-01

The entry in Inspire is


MPI@LHC'08 Perugia, Italy
MPI@LHC'10 Glasgow, Scotland
MPI@LHC'11 DESY Hamburg, Germany
MPI@LHC'12 CERN Geneva, Switzerland
MPI@LHC'13 Antwerp, Belgium:
MPI@LHC'14 Krakow, Poland:


Hannes Jung (DESY)
Mark Strikman (Penn State University)
Daniele Treleani (University of Trieste, INFN)