Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 30 Sep 2013
Ends 4 Oct 2013
Central European Time
Adriatico Guest House (Giambiagi Lecture Hall)
Via Grignano, 9 34151 - Trieste (Italy)
INVITED LECTURERS: Roger Webb (University of Surrey, England), Chris Jeynes (University of Surrey, England), Nuno Barradas (Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal).

Introduction to accelerator based techniques.
Elemental and isotopic analysis and depth profiling.
Heavy ions: probing the entire periodic table.
Sensitivity and resolution.
Total IBA: synergistic treatment of data from multiple IBA techniques.
Learning and using state of the art codes to affect the IBA analyses.
Pitfalls in IBA data analysis.
Calculation of uncertainties in IBA.
Beyond Elemental Analysis; MeV-SIMS, High resolution PIXE.
Heavy Ion PIXE – the complement to MeV-SIMS

TO ALL PARTICIPANTS: - Participants are encouraged to bring their laptop as the spectrum evaluation software will be installed onto them. - "Spectrum-Clinic": The Lecturers will provide help in the evaluation of complex spectra measured by the Participants. Please feel free to bring and share your scientific problems during the course.


Aliz Simon (NAPC/Physics Section) and C. Tuniz (ICTP)