Scientific Calendar Event

Starts 29 Sep 2014
Ends 3 Oct 2014
Central European Time
Izmir - Turkey
The ICTP - Eurasian Centre for Advanced Research (ICTP-ECAR), Center for NanoScience (CeNS, Munich, Germafly) and Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM, Munich, Germany) are organizing an Advanced Workshop on Landau - Zener Interferometry and Quantum Control in Condensed Matter, to be held in ICTP-CAR Centre, IZTECH, Izmir (Turkey), from 29th September to 3rd October 2014.

The workshop will address recent developments on Landau-Zener dynamics and related quantum control in complex systems including (but not limited to) many-body effects in ultracold gases, dissipative Landau-Zener transitions, Landau-Zener interferometry in superconducting qubits, double and triple quantum dots. 'spin & charge qubits, N-V centers and nano-mechanical systems.
The centra1 idea of this workshop is to bring together various condensed matter communities, dealing with comRlex systems, where the nonequilibrium dynamics at avoided crossings is (other than in pure atomic systems) highly influenced by many-body interactions and, in many cases, environmental fluctuations.

We expect about 100 participants including about 25 invited presentations given by the world experts in order to exchange ideas and shape new links beyond the traditional community boundaries. We hope to facilitate Landau-Zener interferometry and quantum control as one of the key ectroscopic tools in condensed matter systems for the future.

mail contacts:
Dr. Tina Beşeri Sevim,
Academic Relations

Koray Sevim,
IT Specialist

Ahmet Devrim Gozukara,

Activity Secretariat:
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Strada Costiera 11 34151 Trieste, Italy
Telephone: +39-040-2240540
Telefax: +39-040-22407540
DEADLINE for applications with financial support request and needing visa:30th June 2014; DEADLINE for applications NOT requiring financial support, nor visa: 15th August 2014


Immanuel Bloch (Germany), Ozgur Cakir (Turkey), Devrim Guclu (Turkey), Mikhail Kiselev (Italy), Stefan Ludwig (Germany), Peter Nalbach (Germany), Tugrul Senger (Turkey), Haldun Sevincli (Turkey)