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A. A. TERU (University of Fort Hare, Eastern Cape, South Africa)
H. BHAUMIK (RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata, India)
I. D. LOPEZ BUITRAGO (Univ. Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia)
M. ABEDI (Nirco Research Institute, Tehran, Islamic Rep. of Iran)
M. L. CRESPO (ICTP Microprocessor Lab. Trieste, Italy)
N. WA NTUMBA PATIENT (Universite of Kinshasa, Democratic Rep. of the Congo)
O. TYKHOMYROV (Dnepropetrovsk Nat. Univ., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
R. SURYANA (National Inst. of Aeronautic and Space, West Java, Indonesia)


Directors: Abhaya Induruwa, Carlos Kavka, Uli Raich. Local Organizers: A. Cicuttin and M.L. Crespo