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BEKOA ATEBA/CHARLES TABOD (Inst. for Geological and Mining Research, Yaounde'/Univ. de Yaounde' 1, Republic of Cameroon)
CRISPIN KINABO (University of Dar Es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania)
INNOCENT BADRIYO AGAMA (UNOPS-Unité de Gestion des Risques Volcaniques et Environnementaux, Goma, DRC)
SAMI SAMIEIESFAHANY (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
TIM WRIGHT /ERIC CALAIS (Leeds University, U.K./Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA)
VITTORIO BOSI (Volcanic Risk Service, Dept. of Civil Protection of Italy, Roma, Italy)


Directors: A. Aoudia, E. Calais, C. Ebinger, M. Miller, T. Wright, G. Yirgu