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H. TURECI (Princeton Univ., Electrical Engineering, U.S.A.)
HUI CAO (Yale Univ., Applied Physics, New Haven, U.S.A.)
JIN HOU (South-Central Univ. for Nationalities, Electronics & Information, Wuhan, China)
P. LAGOUDAKIS (Univ. Southampton, Hybrid Photonics Group, U..K.)
S.J. THOMSON (School of Physics & Astronomy, Univ. St. Andrews, U.K.)
V. SAVONA (Inst. Theoretical Physics, Nanosystems, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland)
XIN ZHANG (School of Physics & Optoelectronic Engg, Guangdong Univ., Guangzhou, China)


D. Basko, I. Carusotto, G. Labeyrie and S. Skipetrov.
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