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Tue 26 Sept
Wed 27 Sept
Thu 28 Sept (C1 parallel session included)
Thu 28 Sept (C2 parallel session)
Fri 29 Sept

This year's International Conference on Regional Climate (ICRC)-CORDEX will focus on discussions and ideas for the way forward and CORDEX contributions to the WCRP Open Science Conference in October 2023. The conference will also focus on specific regional challenges and solutions, such as needs for National Adaptation Plans and climate financing.

Joint sessions will be held simultaneously in Trieste, Italy and Pune, India. Meetings will be accessible both in person at each of the venues and through online participation.

Please refer to the additional information below and to the ICRC-CORDEX-2023 page for complete Conference Terms & Conditions.

Grants: A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants from developing countries and early career scientists .

The conference will be followed by the 11th Workshop on the Theory and Use of Regional Climate Models, from 2 to 6 October 2023;


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  • Monday, 25 September 2023
    • 08:00 - 17:30
      • 09:00 Registration 2h0' ( Leonardo Building - main entrance lobby )
      • 14:00 Registration 2h0' ( Leonardo Building - main entrance lobby )
      • 14:30 Pre-conference meeting - CORDEX-SAT 3h0' ( Leonardo Building - Oppenheimer Meeting Room )
  • Tuesday, 26 September 2023
    • 08:00 - 20:00
      • 08:00 Registration 1h30' ( SISSA Building ( Main Auditorium ) )
      • 09:30 Welcome address 1h0' ( SISSA Building - Aula Magna )
        Filippo Giorgi, Head Earth System Physics Section, ICTP, Italy
        Atish Dabholkar, ICTP Director, Italy
        Michele Babuder, Council member territory and environment, City of Trieste, Italy
        (Assessore per la Pianificazione territoriale, Edilizia privata, 
        Strade e viabilita', Verde pubblico, Arredo urbano, Fontane e monumenti, 
        Ambiente, Illuminazione pubblica, Igiene urbana, Trieste, Italia)
        Raghavan Krishnan, Director IITM, Pune India
        Nana Ama Klutse Brown, IPCC
        Mario Ciancarini, ENEL, Italia
        Bjorn Stevens, MPI-Meteorology, Germany
        Detlef Stammer, U. Hamburg, Germany
        Daniela Jacob, Climate Service Center, Germany
        Silvina Solman, U. Buenos Aires, Argentina
      • 10:30 Health break 30' ( SISSA )
      • 11:00 Session A1 - Earth System Modelling in the regional context 1h30' ( SISSA - Aula Magna )
        Session co-chairs: Melissa Bukovsky and Klaus Görgen
        • Regional Earth System Models: Uncertain Definition, Clear Benefits, Open Challenges - Samuel SOMOT 15'
        • Regional coupled modeling to improve understanding of the Southeast Asian Climate Quentin - Frederic DESMET 10'
          Material: Presentation pdf file
        • Himalayan glacial anomaly as simulated by a coupled regional glacier-climate model and its synoptic-scale drivers - Aaquib JAVED 10'
        • Coupled groundwater-to-atmosphere simulations with the regional climate system model TSMP as a contribution to the new European CORDEX-CMIP6 ensemble - Klaus GOERGEN 10'
        • The latest projected climate change signal over Southern Africa using the Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM) - Jessica STEINKOPF (NEE PICAS) 10'
        • Development of a regional earth system model using a variable resolution global grid - Marcus THATCHER 10'
      • 12:30 Lunch 1h0' ( Leonardo building - cafeteria/terrace )
      • 13:30 Session A2 - Convection Permitting Modelling 1h30' ( SISSA - Aula Magna )
        Session co-chairs: Maria Laura Bettolli and José Abraham Torres Alavez
        • Advancing Convection-Permitting Climate Projections: Coordinated Ensemble Experiments and the Path Ahead - Erika COPPOLA 15'
        • Tropical cyclone changes in convection-permitting regional climate projections: a study over the Shanghai region - Erasmo BUONOMO 10'
        • The role of Tibetan Plateau Vortices in extreme precipitation events in the Tibetan Plateau region - Julia CURIO 10'
        • BARPA-C: Kilometre-scale climate modelling development based on ACCESS - Christian STASSEN 10'
        • Detection and sensitivity to global warming of disastrous-like storms in the complex alpine area - Emanuela PICHELLI 10'
        • Brand new Convection-Permitting simulations over South America: a look at the uncertainty sources at the sub-daily time scale - Francesca RAFFAELE 10'
        • A new method for dynamical downscaling of heatwaves by convection-permitting climate models: event-based downscaling - Fuxing WANG 10'
      • 15:00 Health break 30'
      • 15:30 Session A3 - Statistical Methods/Machine Learning techniques for regional climate modelling/downscaling 1h45' ( SISSA - Aula Magna )
        Session co-chairs: Fatima Driouech, Jason Evans and Douglas Maraun
        • A brief overview to warm up - José Manuel GUTIERREZ 15'
        • A storyline approach to select the CMIP6 model ensemble to be downscaled for the South America domain - Andressa ANDRADE CARDOSO 10'
        • Convolutional neural networks for local climate downscaling: precipitation extremes in the FPS in Southeastern South America - Maria Laura BETTOLLI 10'
        • RCM-emulators: A study of applicability to large GCM ensembles - Antoine DOURY 10'
        • Should we bias correct boundary conditions for regional climate models? - Jason EVANS 10'
        • Introducing eXplainable Artificial Intelligence to assess Deep Learning Models for Statistical Downscaling - Jose GONZÁLEZ-ABAD 10'
        • Can deep-learning models extrapolate to downscaling rainfall in future climates? - Neelesh RAMPAL 10'
        • Design of Experiments and Machine Learning (DoE & ML)-based approach to better capture uncertainty in future climate projections - Carla VIVACQUA 10'
      • 17:15 Poster session A 45' ( Leonardo Building - main entrance level )
        • A1-P-01 Multilayer soil and interactive vegetation in regional climate models – A case study using REMO in Mainland Southeast Asia 1'
          Speaker: ABEL Daniel
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A1-P-02 The response of atmospheric circulation to orographic forcing: application of a regional climate model 1'
          Speaker: ALIZADEH Omid
        • A1-P-03 Evaluation of CMIP6 GCMs Over the CONUS for Downscaling Studies 1'
          Speaker: ASHFAQ Moetasim
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A1-P-04 Impact of the Ocean-Atmosphere coupling on extratropical cyclones around the Mediterranean basin 1'
          Speaker: CHERICONI Marco
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A1-P-05 Importance of Regional Climate Change ICRC-CORDEX to \mano River Union States 1'
          Speaker: COLLINS Emmanuel
        • A1-P-06 Regional Earth System Models for CMIP6 downscaling over the EURO-CORDEX domain 1'
          Speaker: HAGEMANN Ha
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A1-P-07 Urban Environments and Regional Climate Change - CORDEX Flagship Pilot Study URB-RCC 1'
          Speaker: HALENKA Tomas
        • A1-P-08 The MED-CORDEX ensemble of climate projections for the Mediterranean Sea: impacts of the high resolution and ocean-atmosphere coupling 1'
          Speaker: JORDA SANCHEZ Gabriel
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A1-P-09 Future Characteristics of Tropical Cyclones under the SSP scenarios over CORDEX-East Asia domain using Multi-RCMs 1'
          Speaker: KIM Eunji
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A1-P-10 Investigation of aerosol effects on diurnal cycle of precipitation amount, frequency and intensity over Central Africa by a regional climate model 1'
          Speaker: KOMKOUA MBIENDA Armand Joel
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A1-P-11 Investigating sea surface temperature impacts on Philippine climate in CORDEX-SEA simulations 1'
          Speaker: MAGNAYE Angela Monina
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A1-P-12 Calibration of the new regional ocean-atmosphere model based on ICON and NEMO for the EURO-CORDEX domain 1'
          Speaker: MAURER Vera
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A1-P-13 Regional climate simulation of the record-breaking heavy rainfall over East Asia in 2020: model evaluation and impact of global warming 1'
          Speaker: MUN Taeho
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A1-P-14 Evaluation of CORDEX-CORE Simulations in Revealing the Physical Mechanisms Behind the Rainfall Extremes over the Indo-Gangetic Plains 1'
          Speaker: PANT Manas
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A1-P-15 The new modernized version of the regional model REMO 1'
          Speaker: PIETIKÄINEN Joni-Pekka Samuel
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A1-P-16 Dynamical downscaling of CMIP6 models over Australia: Climate projections data submission to the Australasia CORDEX domain. 1'
          Speaker: SYKTUS Jozef
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A1-P-17 Understanding the diversity of the West African monsoon system change projected by CORDEX‐CORE regional climate models 1'
          Speaker: TAMOFFO TCHIO Alain
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A1-P-18 Evaluation and improvement of cloud microphysics in the Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model 1'
          Speaker: TRUONG Cong Hoang
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A1-P-19 WRF-based hindcast simulations in the MENA region: modeling advances and contribution to CORDEX Phase II 1'
          Speaker: ZITTIS Georgios
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-01 On convective enhancement of Vb-events in present and warmer climate 1'
          Speaker: AHRENS Bodo
          Material: Slides pdf file
        • A2-P-02 Analyzing simulated irrigation effects on convection-permitting scale – Does irrigation in northern Italy affect convective processes? 1'
          Speaker: ASMUS Christina
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-03 An ecological index for arthropod habitats in the Circum-Sicilian islands using Convection Permitting data 1'
          Speaker: CIARLO James
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A2-P-04 An overview of the onset and cessation of the biannual rainy seasons in the Coastal areas of West Africa 1'
          Speaker: COULIBALY Amadou
        • A2-P-05 Evaluation of rainfall in high-resolution simulations over Mindanao 1'
          Speaker: DADO Julie Mae
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A2-P-06 An African-based climate change event-attribution system using a regional climate model 1'
          Speaker: ENGELBRECHT Francois Alwyn
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-07 WRF ensemble dynamical downscaling of precipitation over China using different cumulus convective schemes 1'
          Speaker: GAO Shibo
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A2-P-08 Effects of the regional-local circulation on precipitation development in the tropical Andes (Rio Santa Basin) 1'
          Speaker: GARCIA ROSALES Alan Jesus
        • A2-P-09 Analysis of the added value of increased spatial resolution in a region of complex orography: a comparison with CORDEX simulations 1'
          Speaker: GARCÍA VALDECASAS OJEDA Matilde Maria Del Vall
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-10 A pan-European km-scale setup of the regional climate system model TSMP to study the impact of human interventions on the terrestrial water cycle 1'
          Speaker: GOERGEN Klaus
        • A2-P-11 Terrain-influences on the regionality of future increases in Japan’s summertime extremely high temperatures and the projection uncertainty 1'
          Speaker: ITO Rui
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A2-P-12 Identifying future changes of extreme precipitation in Japan using 720-year 5-km-grid regional climate experiments 1'
          Speaker: KAWASE Hiroaki
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-13 CMIP6-Based Convection-Permitting Future Climate Simulation over the Black Sea Basin 1'
          Speaker: KELEBEK Mehmet Baris
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A2-P-14 Testing of Non-hydrostatic Core and Microphysics over the Carpathians 1'
          Speaker: KHALID Bushra
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A2-P-15 Producing local climate information to help Western Australians adapt to our changing climate 1'
          Speaker: LAM Ho Man Sean
        • A2-P-16 County-scale Climate Projections over Minnesota for the 21st Century 1'
          Speaker: LIESS Stefan
        • A2-P-17 Performance of CMIP6 GCMs ensemble in the coupling zone for the RCM simulations in the PERUN project 1'
          Speaker: MACHADO CRESPO Natália
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-18 Numerical simulation of thunderstorm indices and lightning over Odisha, India, with WRF-ELEC 1'
          Speaker: MAHAPATRA Debasish
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-19 Influence of small-scale ocean structures on surface wind variability over the Western Mediterranean region. 1'
          Speaker: MELO AGUILAR Camilo Andres
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-20 Why was the 2019-2021 drought event in La Plata Basin so persistent and extreme? 1'
          Speaker: MILOVAC Josipa
        • A2-P-21 Impact of increasing model resolution on added values in regional climate simulation of heavy precipitation 1'
          Speaker: PARK Junseo
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A2-P-22 Flux exchange over heterogeneous land surfaces 1'
          Speaker: POLL Stefan
        • A2-P-23 Assessment of homogeneous groups climatology simulated by RegCM-CP over southeastern South America 1'
          Speaker: PORFIRIO DA ROCHA Rosmeri
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-24 Sensitivity of an unusual cyclone in southeast South America to convective parameterization schemes in the new ICTP RCM (RegCM5) 1'
          Speaker: ROSSI PINHEIRO Henri
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A2-P-25 Dynamical downscaling experiments for a tropical region. 1'
          Speaker: SALINAS PRIETO Jose
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-26 On the ability of convection permitting models for capturing the urban-rural contrasts over selected cities in South America 1'
          Speaker: SOLMAN Silvina
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-27 BARPA: Advancing the Australian regional climate information for decision making 1'
          Speaker: STASSEN Christian
        • A2-P-28 An Open-Source Python Package for Computing the Effective Resolution of Regional Climate Models: Development, Validation, and Implications for the Climate Modeling Community 1'
          Speaker: TARANU Ioan Sabin
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-29 The design of the II ensemble: selecting CMIP6 GCMs to downscale based on their spread of extreme weather at future warming levels. 1'
          Speaker: VANDELANOTTE Kobe
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A2-P-30 Soil moisture-atmosphere interactions during the 2020 European Heatwave using RegCM5. 1'
          Speaker: VERMA Shruti
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A2-P-31 Improvement of land-atmosphere exchange coefficient parameterization in regional numerical simulations 1'
          Speaker: ZHANG Xia
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A3-P-01 Preparation and downscaling of High-Resolution Climate Data for Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan 1'
          Speaker: ALI Shaukat
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A3-P-02 Investigating Interaction between Tropical Convection and Atmospheric Gravity Waves over West Africa 1'
          Speaker: AMPADU Sylvia
          Material: Slides pdf file
        • A3-P-03 Testing convolutional neural networks as a downscaling tool over southern South America in a climate change scenario: the case of daily extreme temperatures 1'
          Speaker: BALMACEDA HUARTE Rocio
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A3-P-04 A deep learning framework to emulate the convection permitting dynamical models for extreme precipitation 1'
          Speaker: BLASONE Valentina
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A3-P-05 A Seamless Approach for Evaluating Climate Models Across Spatial Scale 1'
          Speaker: CHANG Alex
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A3-P-06 Testing the stationary assumption of statistical downscaling using dynamical downscaling model output as pseudo observation 1'
          Speaker: CHEN Cheng-Ta
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A3-P-07 Emulating a Complete GCM-RCM Euro-CORDEX Matrix 1'
          Speaker: CHRISTENSEN Ole Bossing
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A3-P-08 Assessment of the interannual variability of precipitation and surface air temperature over Europe from a continental-scale high-resolution machine learning-based downscaled data 1'
          Speaker: FUENTES FRANCO Ramón
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A3-P-09 Evaluating the multivariate structure of bias-corrected climate variables - Measuring joint extremity with vine copulas 1'
          Speaker: FUNK Henri
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A3-P-10 Optimizing climate data analysis workflows: Strategies and lessons learned from two case studies 1'
          Speaker: GOODMAN Alexander David
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A3-P-11 High resolution statistical downscaling for the European continent using fully-convolutional neural networks 1'
          Speaker: KRUS Kristofer Alexander
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A3-P-12 An interactive web interface to compare the LOcalized Constructed Analogs 2 (LOCA2) with its precursor and CMIP6 1'
          Speaker: LEE Hugo
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A3-P-13 Identification of the frequency of extreme precipitation events in southeastern South America 1'
          Speaker: MARTINEZ Daiana Micaela
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A3-P-14 Evaluation of rainfall bias-corrected in high resolution CORDEX-SEA over Java Island, Indonesia 1'
          Speaker: MARUFAH Ummu
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A3-P-15 Enhancing Spatial Consistency in downscaled Fire Weather Index (FWI) Projections for Improved Wildfire Risk Management: A multi-site multi-gaussian CNN approach 1'
          Speaker: MIRONES ALONSO Oscar
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A3-P-16 Harnessing machine learning for calibration of regional climate models: preparing ALADIN for EURO-CORDEX 1'
          Speaker: NABAT Pierre Jean Alain
        • A3-P-17 Intercomparison of statistical and dynamical downscaling in southeastern South America: future projections of extreme rainfall 1'
          Speaker: OLMO Matias Ezequiel
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • A3-P-18 Use the data of the EURO-CORDEX ensemble of regional climate model simulations for probabilistic modeling of the maximum runoff of the spring flood on the rivers of the South of Ukraine 1'
          Speaker: OVCHARUK Valeriya
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A3-P-19 The Comparison of 25-km and 5-km resolution of CORDEX-SEA Simulation for Precipitation Over Java Island, Indonesia 1'
          Speaker: PERMANA Donaldi Sukma
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A3-P-20 The South American Monsoon lifecycle projected by an ensemble of CMIP6-GCM statistically downscaled 1'
          Speaker: REBOITA Michelle Simões
        • A3-P-21 Relation between maximum temperatures and weather types as a method for the statistical-dynamical downscaling of uncertainties in CMIP6 models 1'
          Speaker: SERRAS Fien
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A3-P-22 "Tuning" CORDEX data to reduce uncertainty in climate projections for the Carpathian Region 1'
          Speaker: TORMA Csaba
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • A3-P-23- Circulation Types and precipitation patterns over Southern Central America in the CORDEX- CORE Experiment 1 RegCM4.7 Simulations 1'
          Speaker: Fernan Saenz Soto
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
      • 18:00 Icebreaker reception 2h0' ( Leonardo Building - cafeteria/terrace )
  • Wednesday, 27 September 2023
    • 09:00 - 20:00
      • 09:00 Registration 30' ( SISSA Building ( Main Auditorium ) )
      • 09:30 CORDEX Panel Discussion 1h0' ( SISSA - Aula Magna )
        Session chair: Iréne LAKE
      • 10:30 Health break 30' ( SISSA )
      • 11:00 Insights from session A and Discussion on the future scientific development and priorities 1h30' ( SISSA - Aula Magna )
        Session co-chairs Daniela JACOB and Silvina SOLMAN
      • 12:30 Lunch (Posters) 1h0' ( Leonardo building - cafeteria/terrace )
      • 13:30 Session B - CORDEX interaction with society 2h0' ( SISSA - Aula Magna )
        Session co-chairs: Amira Nasser Mostafa and Dominique Paquin
        • Decision-Relevant Climate Storylines from Object-Oriented Analysis - William GUTOWSKI and RIfS representative - Bruce HEWITSON 30'
        • Lessons learned about the use of downscaled climate model results for practical use - Rasmus BENESTAD 15'
        • Capacity development for climate science – CORDEX and the WCRP Academy - Christopher James LENNARD 15'
        • Regional Climate Modeling in North America and Europe: Why such Different Paths? - Linda MEARNS 15'
        • Panel discussion 45'
      • 15:30 Health break 30' ( SISSA )
      • 16:00 Outcome and insights from Flagship Pilot Studies 1h0' ( SISSA - Aula Magna )
        Session chairs: Daniela Jacob and Silvina Solman
        Rapporteurs: Luis Muñoz and Ross Dixon
      • 17:00 Poster session B and General 1h0' ( Leonardo building - main entrance level )
        • B-P-01 Projected climate change signals for hotspot regions in southern Africa using regional climate simulations 1'
          Speaker: REMEDIO Armelle Reca Cabase
        • B-P-02 Characterizing and understanding large-scale GCM-RCM inconsistencies in future projections : the European Summer case study 1'
          Speaker: SOMOT Samuel
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • GEN-P-01 Heat and Drought in Observational and Modelled Data for Africa 1'
          Speaker: ABEL Daniel
        • GEN-P-02 Impact of Amazon Deforestation on Temperature and Precipitation in Southern Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean through Regional Climate Simulations 1'
          Speaker: AMARO MENDEZ Oscar Uriel
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • GEN-P-03 Future climate projections of cyclones in RegCM4.7 over South America and South Atlantic Ocean 1'
          Speaker: ANDRADE CARDOSO Andressa
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • GEN-P-04 A multi-scenario view of impacts on climate extremes and indices with a multi-variable ensemble of regional climate projections for Portugal 1'
          Speaker: ANDRE LIMA Daniela Catarina
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • GEN-P-05 Land-atmosphere coupling during compound extreme heat events in the LUCAS experiment with extreme land use changes: a new coupling metric for climate extremes 1'
          Speaker: CARDOSO TAVARES Rita Margarida
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • GEN-P-06 Simulating extreme temperatures over Central Africa by RegCM4.4 regional climate model 1'
          Speaker: DEMEKO YEMIH Patience
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • GEN-P-07 Projection of the Future Changes in Tropical Cyclone Activity Affecting East Asia over the Western North Pacific Based on Multi-RegCM4 Simulations 1'
          Speaker: GAO Xuejie
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • GEN-P-08 Development of Dynamical Downscaling Method for Regional Weather/Dispersion Model near Nuclear Power Plant 1'
          Speaker: LEE Hyunha
        • GEN-P-09 Boundary layer schemes in the regional climate model RegCM4.6 over Central Africa. 1'
          Speaker: MATHO LONTIO Stella Lydie
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • GEN-P-10 Drought-related Impacts and the Role of Soil Moisture Feedback in Africa 1'
          Speaker: NGUYEN Ngoc Kim
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • GEN-P-11 Climate change and precipitation extremes over South Asia 1'
          Speaker: NORGATE Marc
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • GEN-P-12 Climate change impacts on growing rice season in the highland of Madagascar 1'
          Speaker: RANDRIAMAROLAZA Luc Yannick Andréas
        • GEN-P-13 Sensitivity analysis of RegCM4.7 in simulating tropical cyclone characteristics over the CORDEX-Southeast Asia region 1'
          Speaker: TIBAY Jennifer
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
      • 18:00 Evenings side events 2h0' ( Adriatico Guest House )
        • Early Career Scientist event 2h0'
          Interactive onsite event for Early Career Scientists in Trieste.
          The challenges of data management and data sharing will be discussed in a type of trivial networking format. Senior scientists will attend and share their experience and the participants will be able to ask questions.
          Location: Adriatico Guesthouse Cafeteria
          Moderator: Lincoln Alves
          Rapporteurs: Peace Olumbukunmi Awoleye, Debasish Mahapatra, Rodric Merime Nonki, Henri Pinheiro, Luc Yannick Andreas Randriamarolaza and Xia Zhang
          18.00 Opening talk
          18.15 Trivial network
          Confirmed senior scientists (can be subject to changes):
          – Jason Evans, ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, Sydney, Australia
          – Eleni Katragkou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
          – Chris Lennard, CSAG – ENGEO Dept. University of Cape Town, South Africa
          – Rosmeri da Rocha, University of Sao Paolo, Brazil
          – Lincoln Alves, National Institute for Space Research, Brazil
          19.30 Summary and wrap up
          Snacks, fingerfood and beverages will be served during the event.
        • Flagship Pilot Study: URBan environments and Regional Climate Change (URB-RCC) 2h0'
          Adriatico Guest house - Giambiagi Lecture Hall
          Contact person: Gaby Langendijk
        • Mediterranean CORDEX domain 2h0'
          Lundquist meeting room - Adriatico Guest house
          Contact person: Samuel Somot
        • North America CORDEX domain 2h0'
          Kastler Hall - Adriatico Guest house
          Contact person: Dominique Paquin
  • Thursday, 28 September 2023
    • 09:00 - 20:00
      • 09:00 Registration 30' ( SISSA Building ( Main Auditorium ) )
      • 09:30 Parallel sessions C1 (SISSA - Aula Magna) and C2 (Leonardo building - Budinich Lecture Hall) 1h30' ( SISSA and Leonardo building )
        • C1 - Societal Impacts 1h45'
          Session co-chairs: Natália Machado Crespo and Michelle Simões Reboita
          This session focuses on high impact regional phenomena and implications for urban areas, health, renewable energy,  infrastructure (buildings and transport), disaster management, insurance issues, and land use and land cover change and management strategies (including agriculture and forestry). It also includes studies on the attribution of extremes and risk assessments and event-based downscaling at high resolution for process-based understanding of event drivers.
          Oral presentations
          Climate Response to Land-Use Changes over North America and Europe Olivier ASSELIN 
          Margarida 17th of June 2017, an Extreme Fire Event in Pedrogão Grande, Central Portugal Rita CARDOSO TAVARES 
          Impact of climate change in Mexican wine grape regions Blanca Natalia CASTILLO 
          The Intersection of Climate and Renewable Energy Research: Successes and Limitations Andrea HAHMANN 
          Climate change in Sweden with impacts for reindeer husbandry Erik KJELLSTROM
          Quantification and allocation of uncertainties of climate change impacts on hydropower potential under 1.50C and 2.00C Global Warming Levels in the the Benue River Basin, Cameroon Rodric Merime NONKI
          Checking the performance of Regional Climate models in determining Flooding at Basin Scale using Global Hydrodynamic model Hrishikesh SINGH
          Performance of CORDEX models in reproducing block-level meteorological droughts characteristics Sai Venkata Ramana MUTYALA
        • C2 - Natural ecosystem impacts 1h45'
          Session co-chairs: Tereza Cavazos Pérez and Marco Reale
          Climate change implications/risks for marine and terrestrial ecosystems, coastal environments, biodiversity and wildlife. Examples of how CORDEX/regional climate information have been or can be used in natural ecosystem impact studies.           
          Oral presentations
          Modeling the Impact of Climate Change on Flood and Drought: case study Awash River Basin, Ethiopia Ermias BRHANE  
          Evaluation Of High-Resolution Climate Run Of Alaro-0 Over The CORDEX-Africa Domain Laura DECORTE
          The coupled physical-biogeochemical model SHYFEM-BFM for scenario analysis in the regulated Venice Lagoon system Donata MELAKU CANU 
          Future wildfire conditions in Ukraine under the RCP 8.5 climate scenario Inna SEMENOVA 
          Assessment of the regional climate model RegCM5 and atmospheric chemistry simulation over Africa Eric YAO
          Dynamical Downscaling of CMIP6 Models over the Med-CORDEX Region: An Application of ENEA-REG 2.0 to the Assessment of Expected Climate Change Impacts Maria Vittoria STRUGLIA
          Climatic and Anthropogenic Vulnerabilities of the Himalayan Ecosystem Pankaj KUMAR
      • 11:15 Health break 15' ( SISSA and Leonardo building )
      • 11:30 C1 and C2 joint panel discussion 1h0' ( SISSA - Aula Magna )
        Confirmed panellists:
        Lola CORRE
        Hailemariam DOKO
        Bart van den HURK
        Eleni KATRAGKOU
        Gaby LANGENDIJK
        Douglas MARAUN
      • 12:30 Insights from Session B - Discussions 1h0' ( SISSA - Aula Magna )
        Session co-chairs Daniela JACOB and Silvina SOLMAN
      • 13:30 Lunch (Posters) 1h0' ( Leonardo building )
      • 14:30 Parallel Sessions D - CORDEX in practice 1h0' ( )
        • Session D1 - CORDEX-Ocean: Towards a CORDEX framework for Ocean Regional Climate Modelling (online and Trieste) 1h0'
          Leonardo building - Oppenheimer room
          Conveners: Samuel Somot (Med-CORDEX), Marine Herrman (CORDEX South-East Asia), Markus Meier (EURO-CORDEX, Baltic Earth) and Tereza Cavazos (Central America CORDEX).
          14.30-15.30 Introductory talks
          Introduction (5 min) Tereza CAVAZOS
          Dynamical downscaling of future ocean climate for Mexican coastlines, towards the evaluation of future species’ ranges and ecosystems shifts (5 min) Paulina CETINA HEREDIA 
          Quantifying air-sea heat fluxes over Southeast Asia and their response to climate change (5 min) Hue NGUYEN
          Mercury fate and transport in the Mediterranean Sea: current state and projected changes under RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 emission scenarios (5 min) Ginevra ROSATI
          Regional Climate System Modeling for the Baltic Sea region – an overview about Baltic Earth activities (10min) Markus MEIER
          Regional physical-biogeochemical coupled ocean modeling at the Gulf of Mexico (10 min) Sheila ESTRADA-ALLIS
          High-resolution studies of the South East Asia regional climate system with a focus on ocean (10 min) Marine HERRMANN
          Modelling the Sea in Med-CORDEX: a review (10 min) Samuel SOMOT
          Material: Slides pdf filedown arrow
        • Session D2- Regional Climate Modelling in the Polar Regions: Applications and the road ahead (online and Trieste) 1h0'
          Galileo Guest house - Fibonacci Lecture room
        • Session D 3- Discussion session: Climate projections for islands (online and Trieste) 1h0'
          Leonardo building - Stasi Lecture Hall
          Material: Slides pdf file
        • Session D4 - Climate services for transformation using CORDEX datasets: best practices using FAIR principles and innovative tools (online and Trieste) 1h0'
          SISSA - room B
        • Session D6 - High resolution urban climate modeling and regional climate change – progress and challenges for CORDEX (online and Trieste) 1h0'
          SISSA - Aula Magna
        • Session D7 - Training on how to compare bias-corrected Regional Climate Models (RCMs) with Empirical Statistical Downscaling (ESD) for robust future climate change projections, exploring tools/products (online and Trieste) 1h0'
          Leonardo - Budinich Lecture Hall
        • Session D8: Extreme Events: Observations and Modeling (online and Pune) 1h0'
        • Session D9 - Aerosol impact on regional climate (online and Trieste) 1h0'
          SISSA - room D
        • Session D10 - Concepts and identification of global warming levels (GWLs) for regional climate services (online and Trieste) 1h0'
          SISSA - room A
      • 15:30 Health break 30' ( SISSA and Leonardo building )
      • 16:00 Continuation of Session D - Parallel sessions 1h0' ( see above )
      • 17:00 Poster session C and D 1h0' ( Leonardo Building )
        • C1-P-02 Potential Impact of Climate Change on Heat and Discomfort Indices Changes over Nigeria 1'
          Speaker: AJAYI Vincent Olanrewaju
        • C1-P-03 Present and future meteorological droughts in CORDEX-CAM with RegCM4.7 1'
          Speaker: ANDRADE GOMEZ Luisa
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-04 The FPS in Southeastern South America: actionable regional climate information for hydrological and agricultural sectors 1'
          Speaker: BETTOLLI Maria Laura
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-05 Projected hydrological changes for agricultural risk assessment over southern Africa in a warmer world 1'
          Speaker: BISKOP Sophie
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-06 SSP-RCP scenario-based future land use change projection over Ethiopia 1'
          Speaker: BRHANE Ermias Sisay
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-07 Quantifying the Impacts of land cover change on hydrological responses under SSP-RCP Scenario 1'
          Speaker: BRHANE Ermias Sisay
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-08 Impact of climate change in Mexican winegrape regions 1'
          Speaker: CAVAZOS PÉREZ María Tereza
        • C1-P-09 Present and future meteorological droughts in CORDEX-CAM with RegCM4.7 1'
          Speaker: CAVAZOS PÉREZ María Tereza
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-10 Storylines to synthetize the range of future plausible climates over France for hydrological studies 1'
          Speaker: CORRE Lola Marion
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-11 Projected changes in precipitation, temperature and their extremes over tropical South America through the RegCM4 1'
          Speaker: DA SILVA Maria
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-12 Integrating regional climate models in flood modeling to quantify human health risks from contaminated urban floodwaters 1'
          Speaker: DEOPA Rahul
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-13 Hydrological and Land Suitability Analysis for Flood-based Productivity in Afar Region, Ethiopia 1'
          Speaker: DOKO Hailemariam Mengistu
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-14 Unprecedented compound hot and dry events in Europe under different emission scenarios 1'
          Speaker: DOSIO Alessandro
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-15 Hydrological modeling of the Uruguay River with actionable climate information from statistical and dynamical downscaling 1'
          Speaker: DOYLE Moira Evelina
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-16 Providing unbiased high resolution extremes precipitations for sectorial custumers: test of differents corrections methods 1'
          Speaker: DUBOIS Clotilde
        • C1-P-17 Potential Impact of Climate Change on Cereal Suitability in West Africa using CORDEX-CORE Models 1'
          Speaker: EGBEBIYI Temitope Samuel
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-18 Climate scenarios for Angola from CORDEX AFR22 simulations 1'
          Speaker: GASPAR António Manuel Lameira
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-19 Medium-term and long-term changes in the Extreme Precipitation Indices in Colombia, using the CORDEX- RCM SAM-20-CCCma-CanESM2-Eta 1'
          Speaker: GIRALDO OSORIO Juan Diego
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-20 Impact of Climate Change on solar resource: a review of projections comparing global and regional climate models 1'
          Speaker: GUTIÉRREZ ESCRIBANO Claudia
        • C1-P-21 Project FOCI - Non-CO2 Forcers and Their Climate, Weather, Air Quality and Health Impacts 1'
          Speaker: HALENKA Tomas
        • C1-P-22 Machine learning models reveal reductions in land surface temperature associated with forest management in Fennoscandia 1'
          Speaker: HUANG Bo
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-23 Expected climate changes in Croatia by the middle of the 21st century 1'
          Speaker: IVUŠIĆ Sarah
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-24 Uncertainties in the projections of the extreme precipitation events over East Asia 1'
          Speaker: JUZBASIC Ana
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-25 Development of agro-climatic indicators and services over Europe in the framework of the STARGATE project 1'
          Speaker: KATRAGKOU Eleni
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-26 Future Projection of Precipitation over the Korean Peninsula under Global Warming Levels of 1.5 °C and 2.0 °C, Using Large Ensemble of RCMs in CORDEX-East Asia Phase 2 1'
          Speaker: KIM Dohyun
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-27 Future Changes in Extreme Heatwaves over the CORDEX-East Asia Phase 2 Domain under RCP and SCP Scenarios 1'
          Speaker: KIM Young-Hyun
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-28 Heat in cities across the globe: what can the CORDEX-CORE regional climate model ensemble tell? 1'
          Speaker: LANGENDIJK Gaby
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-29 Three-dimensional characteristics of heat waves in CORDEX RCMs 1'
          Speaker: LHOTKA Ondrej
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-30 Attribution of Extreme Precipitation Events in The Mediterranean Region Using High-Resolution COREX Ensemble 1'
          Speaker: LU Chen
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-31 A reference set of bias-corrected regional projections for hydrological impact studies over France 1'
          Speaker: MARSON Paola
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-32 Projected Changes in Extreme River-Flow in the Upper Mississippi River Basin 1'
          Speaker: MCCAULEY Olivia
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-33 Novel tools for model evaluation from the Big Data and Climate FRONTIER project 1'
          Speaker: MOONEY Priscilla
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-34 Quantifying the climate change and its impacts on wheat productivity for decision-making support in Egypt 1'
          Speaker: MOSTAFA Amira
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-35 Projected changes in the frequency of compound events over tropical Brazil in CORDEX-CORE simulations 1'
          Speaker: MUNIZ ALVES Lincoln
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-36 Analysis of Climate Indices in Climate Change Scenarios Applying Spatial Data Correction, the case of Guayas Province, Ecuador 1'
          Speaker: MUÑOZ PABÓN Luis Eduardo
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-37 High-resolution climate projections to support adaptation planning in the Mashreq region 1'
          Speaker: NIKULIN Grigory
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-38 Heat Wave Increase Based on EURO-CORDEX Scenario Simulations in Metropolitan Cities of Türkiye 1'
          Speaker: ONOL Baris
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-39 Future changes in extreme rainfall events on the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica, Central America, based on CORDEX-CORE models 1'
          Speaker: OROZCO MONTOYA Ricardo Alonso
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-40 Construction of regionalized scenarios for simulations of the urban area and buildings: present and future climate in the RCP8.5 scenario 1'
          Speaker: PEREIRA NUNES Ana Maria
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-41 Future Projections of extreme events over Central Asia in CORDEX-CORE Simulations 1'
          Speaker: RAI Praveen Kumar
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-42 Biophysical impacts of land use changes on the local and regional climate – Results and lessons learnt from the CORDEX Flagship Pilot Study LUCAS 1'
          Speaker: RECHID Diana
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-43 Uncertain water resources under global change – Assessing water use-climate feedbacks in the UWaRes project 1'
          Speaker: SCHMITT Amelie
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-44 The extreme future of soil moisture in a Mediterranean country: the Portuguese case 1'
          Speaker: SOARES Pedro Miguel Matos
        • C1-P-45 -How the risk of heat waves will change in the future decades in Croatian cities? 1'
          Speaker: SRNEC Lidija
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-46 Regional Climate Data for Use in Advancing Successful and Equitable Decarbonization of the US Electric Power and Residential Sectors 1'
          Speaker: STEINER Allison
        • C1-P-47 The frequency of extreme temperatures and summer heat waves in Belarus 1'
          Speaker: SUMAK Katsiaryna
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-48 Fidelity of RCMs in Quantification of Climate Change Impacts on Flood Risk- An exhaustive approach over severely flood-prone coastal catchment 1'
          Speaker: THAKUR Dev Anand
        • C1-P-49 Forcasting atmospheric variables with RegCM4.7 for the optimal operation of uruguayan energy system 1'
          Speaker: UNGEROVICH YABES Matilde Esther
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-50 Past and future precipitable water vapor and extreme precipitation over Ethiopia based on CORDEX 1'
          Speaker: VAN SCHAEYBROECK Bert
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-51 Provision of climate change information on rainy season indicators for the agricultural sector in Burkina Faso 1'
          Speaker: WEBER Torsten
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C1-P-52 Evaluation of the Impacts of Climate Change on Irrigation Requirements of Maize by CROPWAT Model 1'
          Speaker: YETIK Ali Kaan
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • C1-P-53 Hot Spots of Global Temperature of Emergence of several Climatic Impact-Drivers (CIDs) for the CORDEX regions 1'
          Speaker: ZAZULIE Natalia
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C2-P-01 TinyML-Based Flood Disaster Prediction and Early Warning System for Awash River Basin 1'
          Speaker: ALI Endris Mohammed
        • C2-P-02 Climate Change Impact and its Mitigation Assessment the Case of Afar Water Spreading Weirs, Ethiopia 1'
          Speaker: DOKO Hailemariam Mengistu
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • C2-P-03 Influence of climate forcing agents on the regional hydrological cycle trends in a changing climate 1'
          Speaker: JAISANKAR Bharath
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
          Speaker: STRUGLIA Maria Vittoria
        • C2-P-05 Future conditions of wind and rain associated with fall wildfire conditions in CMIP6 models over western North America 1'
          Speaker: TAYLOR Graham Patrick
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • D3-P-01 Impacts of ocean-atmosphere coupling on precipitation in small islands: a case study of the Cape Verde archipelago 1'
          Speaker: AMADOU MALAM LACHO Almoustapha
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • D3-P-02 Ensemble of numerical models for rainfall and temperature estimation in Bolivia using RegCM 4.7 1'
          Speaker: ANDRADE UZIEDA Marko Jorge
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • D4-P-01 Development of Multilevel Local, Nation- and Regionwide Education and Training in Climate Services in Ukraine 1'
          Speaker: OVCHARUK Valeriya
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • D4-P-02 EURO-CORDEX data in the climate services of the Hungarian Meteorological Service 1'
          Speaker: SCHUCHNÉ BÁN Beatrix
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • D6-P-01 Sensitivity of WRF simulation of PBL dynamics and UHI characteristics to the choice of physics, urban schemes and land surface database during two heat waves of summer 2022 over Paris area: comparison with PANAME* observations 1'
          Speaker: BASTIN Sophie Francoise
        • D6-P-02 Decomposition of the future changes in UTCI using regional climate projections for German cities 1'
          Speaker: CASTRO GARRO Dante Tomas
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • D6-P-03 Representation of the Urban Heat Island in CORDEX-CORE: A global multi-city analysis from the CORDEX FPS URB-RCC 1'
          Speaker: FERNANDEZ FERNANDEZ Jesus
        • D6-P-04 Projection of photovoltaic potential based on high-resolution SSP scenarios over South Korea 1'
          Speaker: KIM Jinuk
          Material: Poster pdf file
        • D6-P-05 Evaluation framework for high-resolution regional climate simulations for urban studies 1'
          Speaker: LE ROY Benjamin
          Material: Poster pdf file poster jpg unknown type file
        • D6-P-06 Development of a High-Resolution Gridded Climate Dataset for Vietnam by blending ERA5-Land and in-situ data in the period 1981-2019 1'
          Speaker: NGUYEN Ngoc Kim
          Material: Poster pdf file Video unknown type file
        • D6-P-07 Towards an improved representation of the urban climate: an application of artificial intelligence 1'
          Speaker: SOARES Pedro Miguel Matos
          Material: Poster pdf file
      • 18:00 Evening side events 2h0' ( Adriatico Guest House )
        • Flagship Pilot Study: Impact of land use changes on climate in Europe across spatial and temporal scales 2h0'
          Giambiagi Lecture Hall - Adriatico Guest house
          Contact person: Diana Rechid
        • Flagship Pilot Study: Extreme precipitation events in Southeastern South America a proposal for a better understanding and modeling and the South America community 2h0'
          Kastler Lecture Hall - Adriatico Guest house
          Contact person: Maria Laura Bettolli
  • Friday, 29 September 2023
    • 09:00 - 18:00
      • 09:00 Registration and morning coffee (SISSA building) 30' ( SISSA Building ( Main Auditorium ) )
      • 09:30 Last day session - Insights from sessions C and D - The Future of CORDEX 2h30' ( SISSA - Aula Magna )
        Session co-chairs Daniela JACOB and Silvina SOLMAN
      • 12:30 Create your future workshop (Adriatico Guest house) 2h0' ( Adriatico Guest House - Kastler Lecture Hall )
        Session chairs  Iréne LAKE, Sophia KARK, Lindha NILSSON
      • 13:00 CORDEX-SAT meeting 4h0' ( Leonardo Building - Oppenheimer Meeting Room )